Wall Mounts

We provide high quality wall mounts, made with reinforced metal, with longer arms for wider range of motion. All the mounts we provide have been tested in our testing facility, and are covered by a full warranty.

Tilt Wall Mount: $60
Full Motion Wall Mount: $120 – $200

* Please call to inquire about our specialized mounts, i.e. light aluminum / Full Motion Slim Edition.

How to Select a Proper TV Wall Mount

Selecting a proper wall mount is not an easy task. There are several factors you need to consider:

  • How big and how heavy your TV set is (older TVs tend to weigh a lot more for a comparable screen size)
  • Where you and other viewers are going to be watching is from (Will you be standing, sitting, or reclining? From which angle will you watch it?)
  • General room layout (What else is in front, around, and behind the TV set? Will there be proper air circulation to keep the TV from overheating? Will the TV be exposed to heat or moisture? What are the acoustics be like and will the TV require a sound bar?)
  • Lighting (Are there window and if yes, how will the sun light come in relation to the TV set during various times of the day? If there is artificial lighting, how will these light devices reflect in the TV screen?
  • Last but not least, will the wall behind the TV (Will it provide adequate support for this rather heavy piece of equipment? If there a danger of hitting phone / power lines or pipes concealed behind the wall?)

Only when you consider all these factors will you know what type of wall mount is the right one for your TV installation.