Wall Mount TV Installation Service

Wall Mount TV Installation Service Richmond Hill ON

Wall mount TV installation, just like any home improvement project, can be full of unforeseen issues. You don’t always know what you are going to find behind the drywall.

Our TV installation experts are ready for almost everything and won’t require five trips to a nearby Home Depot to complete the job. They have both the tools and the experience to do it right.

Picking a proper wall mount is an important task too and shouldn’t be approached lightly. You need a wall mount that will be adequate for your TV, will be possible to secure on your wall and will prove the right range of motion for your TV (tilting and turning) to provide great viewing experience.

Once you wall mount a TV, the question becomes, what to do with all these receivers and DVD players? Our recommendation is to use what’s called a “floating” shelf. Something that is usually mounted right below your TV, with no wires or cables exposed. Our TV installation specialist can recommend and install one for you.

Another consideration is the sound. A TV stand works as amplifier for the TV sound, especially in the lower register. When the TV is up on the wall, many customers realize and the sound is doesn’t have the power it did before. If that’s the case, you should want to add a soundbar to improve the viewing experience, oftentimes in a dramatic way.