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TV Installation Toronto

Rogers Centre at sunset...
Toronto is pretty, eh?

Toronto... "we the North!"

Man, do we love our sports teams!  

And my goodness, aren't we lucky to live in the city with so many teams to root for? The Leafs, the Raps, the Jays, the Argos and, of course, Toronto FC. All year around and all week long, there are major league games being televised that Torontonians can't afford to miss. 

And then, of course, it's best to watch a good game on a good TV.​ 

Whenever there is a major sports event going on, our phone rings off the hook with customers wanting to ​hang their new large-format TV on the wall. 

We're happy to help, of course. We can even help you choose the right wall mount for the size of the TV your have and for the type of wall it's going on. 

Whether you're moving, trading up to a better TV set, or just want to get the TV out of the way and create more space in your home, ​we're just a quick phone call away. Call us now and let us give you a little help.

We've completed many projects, from houses and condos to restaurants and car dealerships. Where will you be installing your TV next?

We Work Around Your Schedule

Our prompt service and specific appointment times mean you can get back to life as normal with less hassles.​

Our hours of operation:


9 AM TO 9 PM
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We won't put a dent in your schedule

Our Services

TV installation above fireplace

Residential projects

Residential TV Wall Mounting & 
Home Theatre Setup

You want TV above a fireplace in the living room? Or do you want it on the wall in the kitchen? Or in the basement? 

Absolutely! We've done it all. 

​While most residential projects are relatively simple and straightforward, there can be surprises. Like needing to run the cables sideways behind the wall, or "fishing" a very long cable through the basement. 

What's important here is we have a lot of experience to recommend you the right wall mount... and maybe at times talk you out of an idea that's not safe enough. ​Like trying to use a full-motion mount on a thin wall in a condo or on an older fireplace with no studs behind the front wall. 

Commercial TV Installation
& Digital Signage

It seems that no business these day can be without a digital display.

Restaurants, hotels, retail shops, car dealerships, training centres rely on commercial TVs and digital displays to deliver the right information to the right person at at the right time. 

Menu displays, information boards, digital walls, ceiling mounts and scissor lifts, these all are part of our everyday vernacular. Unlike many other installers, we work with businesses a lot. Don't take a chance on someone with no experience or proper insurance. Call us now and get a quote.

Commercial TV Installation

Commercial projects

Call us now & let us give you a little help

552 Bathurst St
Toronto ON M5S 2P9
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