Content Curation and Exception Policy

The following describes our Content Curation & Excerpting Policy

At TV Installation Experts, we take content curation very seriously.

We look for best well-written content related to TV tech trends, TV watching habits, advancement in TV installation equipment and other related topics, and make this content available to our customers and site visitors.

Excerpts of your articles, videos and images that we include here will always be attributed to you and linked to your content. Essentially, if we found your content interesting enough to comment on or quote on our site, our goal is to send our visitor to you. You benefit by getting a quality link from a relevant site and potentially by receiving some referred visitors.

Our excerpt will never use more than 30% of the original content and just enough of it to provide the essence of the article and link to it. If we are quoting your article, there will be quotation marks around that piece of content.

Many publishers and authors are delighted to see their work get noticed, read and commented on. They are thrilled that we are helping their content generate more eyeball.

If, however, you for some reason prefer not to have your content quoted on our website, please send a quick email to info [at] and we will promptly remove your content (please allow 2-3 days for us to process your request).