About Us

If you are a happy owner of a brand new flat screen TV or a Home Theatre system, you want to ensure that all this equipment is installed safely and professionally.  Our team has vast experience in TV, audio, video systems and home renovation. Our installers have worked in this industry for many years and guarantee reliable, courteous, and punctual service.
Here is what makes us different.

Reliable, Courteous, and Punctual Service

  • TV installation within 24 hours (subject to client’s availability)
  • Your call will be answered in a timely manner;  if our dispatcher is taking another call and you are forwarded to a voice messaging system, please leave your name and your phone number and we’ll call you back shortly
  • We honour your time and make sure our installers are in schedule

Complete Customer Satisfaction

  • 80 % of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth
  • We guarantee our work
  • Our mounting hardware is of a premium quality

 Clean and Professional Installation

  • Our installers have many years of experience in the industry and professionally trained
  • We complete the setup, tune-up, sound calibration and integration of your home theatre components
  • We use professional tools and equipment
  • We leave installation site in an impeccably clean condition
  • Our installers are friendly and courteous


TV Installation Experts:

Al – Senior Installer/Supervisor
  • 7+ years of experience in TV and Home Theatre installation and  set-up
  • Extensive experience in Building, Construction and Renovation
  • Experienced in Surround Sound setup and configuration
Alex – Senior Installer
  • 10 + years of experience in TV installation business
  • Professionally trained in Surround Sound installation and configuration
Anton – Installer/Renovation Specialist
  • College degree in Building and Home Renovation
  • Over 5 years of home renovation and construction experience
  • Experienced in TV and Surround Sound installation
Tim – Installer/Technician
  • Two years of experience in TV and Surround Sound installation


Facts About TV Installation

1. Mounting a TV on the wall isn’t just about brackets and screwdrivers. You need to consider the type of the wall, where the studs are located, the type of studs and whether it is a stud wall at all, the right anchors for the wall type to properly secure the mount & TV, the room configuration and if the mounting hardware you are using is the right type for the job. You need to understand how each component of the home theatre system is connected to your TV, and make sure you are not left with a bunch of wires sticking out or hanging down. Our professional installer will design a solution that makes the best use of both your space and electronics.

2. Your TV can be a sizable investment, and even a small mistake made while mounting it on the wall can be costly. Store or manufacturer’s warranty does not typically cover for physical damage.

3. Even the slimmest plasma TV can be quite a heavy piece of equipment and it takes skill and experience to mount it properly on the wall.

4. Professional installation will give you peace of mind and convenience. Our service is fast, punctual and reliable, and our work is covered under our full warranty. We complete the setup, tune-up, sound calibration and integration of your home theatre components. We will even program your remote (when possible) and provide the training.


All you need to do is kick back and enjoy your entertainment centre!