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Our prompt service and specific appointment times mean you can get back to life as normal with less hassles.

We will:

  • Give you a specific appointment time
  • (not just a time range like other service companies do)
  • Show up right on time
  • (and if there's a slight delay, the installer will call you from the road)
  • Complete the job promptly & clean up after
  • (our installer will have wall mounts, extra parts, tools and cables to address most of the potential "surprises")
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We won't put a dent in your schedule


Installers who are experienced & trained

  • All our installers have years of experience
  • We've been in business for 5+ years and train all our installers
  • Licensed electricians on staff
  • If you need that receptacle hidden or moved, we can do it properly
  • We treat our customers with utmost respect
  • Our installers are non-smokers, are courteous and respectful, come with references, and have had their criminal record checked


Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority for us. All our reviews are by real customers.

Dec 4, 2017 by Marcela

I called TV EXPERTS for a TV to be mounted and I got an appointment the very next day. Very pleased with the service. The installer called beforehand to confirm the appointment, showed up on time, put the TV up on the wall, hid the cables, asked me to check that the TV is functioning. Excellent work and reasonably priced.Thank you!

Jan 5, 2013 by Rob

Awesome! Skilled experts indeed. These guys have got the know-how, professionalism and a great customer service. TV is on the wall, no wires showing, 2 remotes instead of 5, synchronized audio/video for inputs, and ... FAST AND COURTEOUS SERVICE!

Dec 15, 2012 by Helen T.

We had a tv and home theatre system installed by these guys. They also concealed all wires so it looks very sleek. We were very happy with the service - very professional. We will definitely call these guys when we need a new tv installed in our bedroom.

Dec 11, 2012 by Wendy

I called several places but no one could come in the same day except TV EXPERTS. Very pleased with the service. The installer showed up on time, put the tv up on the wall, hid the cables, and left no mess behind. Great job and reasonably priced.

Nov 27, 2017 by Gary Kotsopoulos

Stan showed up and basically 30 minutes mounted my tv on tile over the fireplace, what a pro and very professional. Thank you!

Nov 12, 2017 by Sam Jazayeri

Quick, efficient, clean.

TV Installation Projects

TV wall mounts

TV installation on regular drywall

Wall Mounting (Regular Wall)

Regular wall, drywall and studs... how hard is it to wall-mount a TV, right?

Well, sure. But there may be "surprises." After all, no one has the X-ray vision to know exactly what's going on behind the drywall.

For example, flat / tilted wall mounts are safe to use on drywall. The installer, of course, will need to use the anchors graded for the right weight (your TV plus the weight of the wall mount itself.) And by the way, some wall mounts are heavy!

If you're going for a full-motion mount, then the load on the wall is much greater. Which means the bracket needs to be secured to the studs. If the studs aren't in the right spot, we'd have to open the wall and re-enforce it.

The type of studs used in your wall also makes a difference. Steel studs are malleable and don't hold the screws as well as wooden studs. Which means they can't take on quite as much load.

If after hanging the TV on the wall you will also want to conceal the cables, knowing what's behind that drywall is important. Is it all hollow space or is it filled with insulation? Are there any ducts, electrical wires or plumbing pipes? (And you sure don't want to hit any of these with the drill.)

Mounting a TV Above Fireplace

No Canadian home is complete without a fireplace (or several fireplaces). And sticking a large-screen TV on top of it makes so much sense. It's so natural. It's like yin and yang, ping and pong, salt and pepper. (Sorry, I may have allowed myself to get carried away with these metaphors.)

Before you go ahead and mount a TV on top of your fireplace, there are a few things for you to consider:

  • For TVs own "health," the fireplace may not be the best spot. The heat from the fireplace can cause the electronics to overheat. And the dust brought up by hot air can clog up the vents or form deposits on interfaces and components.
  • Some fireplaces are built without studs, which rules out full motion mounts (but regular flat or tilted mounts are okay in almost all cases.)
  • The front finish can be paint, brick, stone, or porcelain tile. Mounting a TV on it means making holes. Stone and tiles can crack. Bricks can come loose.
  • Hiding cables inside some fireplaces isn't possible. However, over the years and hundreds of installations, we've come up with a few "tricks" to keep the cables on the outside but make them barely visible.
tv above fireplace

TV above a fireplace

TV mounting in condos and apartments

Condos & Hi-Rise Apartment Units

Hanging a TV on a wall in a condo or an apartment unit makes so much sense: Every square inch of space is at the premium. And a TV that's on the wall is not only more pleasant to watch, it saves you so much room! It's like your place has just become bigger.

High-rise construction present a whole new set of potential issues to take into account. Load bearing walls, walls made out of concrete, or walls that are too thin and flimsy, HVAC units "buried" inside the wall, etc... that's just a short list of things we need to check before we can start the work.

Generally, we tell our customers NOT to use full-motion wall mounts in condos. When the arm of the mount is extended, the lever is long and the momentum that's twisting and pulling the bracket away from the wall is so strong! If the wall gives way, that brand new awesome TV is coming down, crashing on whatever - or whomever - happens to be under it.

If you insist on having a full-motion mount in a condo, we recommend that you re-enforce the wall first. Which will, of course, make it a much bigger and more expensive project. Yet that's the best way to do it that's also safe.

Home Theatre Setup & Calibration

Many customers are looking to recreate the experience of a movie theatre at home.

Did you know that our brains judge the quality of the video we're watching, to a large degree, by the quality of the sound? It happens subconsciously.

So having a nice big-screen TV is usually not enough. Only coupled with a good audio system will it give you the experience you were looking for when you bought it. And that's how you end up with a home theatre.

Modern audio systems take into account the room layout, the way the sound bounces off the walls and the furniture, as well as the listener's location. A audio system like this needs to be calibrated to give you the experience it designed to provide.

Home Theatre Setup & Calibration

Home Theatre & Smart TV

wire concealment

Hide those ugly wires... we can help!

Wire Concealment

So you have the TV on the wall... what's wrong with that picture? Well, it's the ugly cables sticking out of it, of course!

It's no surprise that most people want to get rid of them, hide them inside the wall.

First things first, let's talk about safety and building codes. Power cables are not to be used inside the wall. Nor are extension cords. If you don't want to see the power cord, you need to build an electric receptacle behind the TV. A certified electrician can do that for you: Install an electric box, run wires, and build a receptacle.

Low-voltage cables, on the other hand (HDMI, audio, or speaker cables) can go inside the wall or a wall conduit.

The process of hiding the cables inside the wall usually involves "fishing." Which means making two holes in the drywall, putting the end of the cable into one of them, catching it and pulling it out of the other hole. Fishing tape and other special equipment may be necessary here. 

Wall Mounts

There are many types of TV mounting brackets available today. The three most common types are:

  • Flat / Tilted Wall Mounts: The TV is stationary and is very close to the wall. It can be "tilted" slightly or angled vertically to give you a better view. You can't turn it left or right. These mounts are generally less expensive and are safe to be used on drywall, in condo units, or on top of fireplaces.
  • Full Motion / Articulating Wall Mounts: The wall mount has a folding "arm" that can be extended. It allows you to pull the TV away from the wall, tilt it up and down or turn turn it (i.e. "articulate" it) to the left and to the right.
  • Ceiling Mounts: These are used a lot in commercial applications but can also be installed at home.

There are many more types of wall mounts available today, from corner mounts to multi-device ones. However, the vast majority of our projects use the three types listed above.

Three main types of TV mounts

tv installation service area

TV Installation Service Area
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We primarily work in the following communities:

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We do accept orders from outside of our primary service area, however, please expect a small distance premium to be added to the invoice

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