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tv above fireplace

Now, doesn't this TV &
fireplace look awesome?


Our TV Installation service is well-known in Toronto and GTA. Our TV installers have years of experience of working with different types of wall mounts and types of TV sets.

When they are in your home or office, they work quickly, provide a high quality of workmanship, and leave the place clean after they finish.

Getting a TV installed may seem like a simple enough thing to do. However, when you consider all the aspect of wall-mount TV installation that you need to know, and all the things that may go wrong during the project, we are sure you will agree that the best option is to rely on a professional and affordable TV installation service that we provide.

You may want to know how we compare to other TV installation services out there.

Well, first of all, we don’t play bait-and-switch games. Some of our competitors advertise a super cheap price to install a TV, but when you call them you realize the price only covers taking your new TV out of the factory box. When you get a quote from us, it includes wall-mounting and wiring. No games or gimmicks.

Second, we will advise you if we think you are trying to put the TV up in the wrong place, where it may be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight (this may null your warranty). Even if it means less money for us, we are always about doing the right things right.

And thirdly, we think we have the best installers around and we would like to have a chance to prove that to you.

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