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home theatre installation

What's better than a home theatre? 
A properly installed home theater! 😉

Installing a home theatre system is not a trivial exercise. Especially when you do it right and don't cut any corners. 

There are so many important factors you need to take into account:

  • Where will the viewers be sitting?

Everyone should have as much of the full experience as possible

  • What type of content will you use your home theatre for?

Will it be sports, movies, of music?

  • What are the general acoustics of the room?

The sound inevitably gets distorted as it bounces off the walls and the pieces of furniture

  • What is the lighting setup?

Windows / glass doors as well as the lamps that may reflect in the TV screen and result in a less-than-ideal viewer experience

We hope that by now you realize that it is best to trust the installation of your home theatre system an expert with the right knowledge and experience.

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