New UHD Technolody From Television Makers

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UHD is a new ultra-high definition technology, or 4K, with Pixel resolution 4 times greater than full high definition.
“With a resolution of over eight million pixels and a resolution four times higher than full high definition, UHD is the latest in TV technology. UHD TV enables images which are defined, clear and breathtakingly lifelike,” says Atul Jain, senior vice-president, consumer electronics, Samsung India.
Samsung F9000 series of ultra high-definition TV includes three sets; 55-inch (R3.29 lakh), 65-inch (R4.39 lakh) and 85-inch (R28 lakh) respectively.
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New TV Trends: Outdoor TV Setup

Whether we find this this trend very practical in our climate zone, the idea is very attractive to many people who enjoy outdoor entertainment.
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10 awesome outdoor TV setups

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Step-By-Step Installation Of 50” LCD TV

This is one of our installations — 50” LCD TV is mounted on the wall above the entrainment unit. All wires are concealed inside the wall. Full motion mount is used for the corner location to better integrate the TV within the room’s design and to allow watching TV from anywhere in the room. All components are connected to the TV, configured and ready to use.

4K TVs are gaining acceptance across the world

Earlier this year many analysts didn’t think it was likely that 4K TVs would be entering the mass consumer’s homes any time soon. There was an interesting article in by Jamshed Avari, Deputy Editor of the CHIP Magazine. Jamshed made a case that even though the 4K TVs are impressive, the video technology is not advanced enough to allow the happy owner of this new TV enjoy watching movies on it, even if the price is no object. You can read more here.

Credit: CES 2013 attendees gather around Samsung's 4K TV display

Credit: CES 2013 attendees gather around Samsung’s 4K TV display

However according to and their reporter Naushad K Cherrayil, 4K TVs are gaining popularity across the world.
as Taiwanese suppliers are reducing the panel prices and Chinese brands are offering low-priced 4K TVs. “We are seeing shift towards 4K TV acceptance this year. Some of the brands have reduced the prices of 4K TVs in the second half.”, reporter says.
There is still no real 4K content to speak of for 4K TVs, however it is expected to grow next year.

4K TVs are enormous in size and the prices are too high for an average consumer. 2-3 year down the road the disposition will change, as the technology advances and the prices go down making this product more affordable. What would that mean for the TV installation industry? We shall see.

Installing TV Above Fireplace: Think Again

Mounting a TV above a fireplace has almost become a standard option in many Canadian homes. So now you’ve been to a friend’s house and saw that they installed a flat-screen TV above the fireplace and now you may be considering doing that too.

After all, doesn’t it make so much sense to install your TV there? Doesn’t a TV on top of the fireplace look great?

There are several good reasons to do it. And, as always, a few reasons not to.

Let’s have a closer look.

Four Reasons Why You Might Want to Wall-Mount Your  TV Above Fireplace

1. It makes the room look great

There can be no arguing about this fact: A TV on top of a fireplace does look awesome. Even though fireplaces, historically speaking, predate TV sets by many centuries (and the TVs that can be wall-mounted, even longer), the two just seem like they were made for each other.

If you plan on living in that place for a long time, you get to enjoy it so much more. And you are in the process of selling your property, it will show better and may result in a faster sale (fingers crossed).

2. It makes the room “bigger”

You will free up a lot of space previously taken up by the TV and the cabinets. For people who live in a palace, that may not be a significant factor. However, for the rest of us, “normal” folks who appreciate and cherish every square foot conquered away from the “jungle”, this can be rather handy.

Keep in mind that you want to wall-mount not just the TV set but also all the gadgets that it’s plugged into. Your cable receiver, your Internet box, and your game console, can all be raise and put on what we call a “floating” shelf.  Or maybe the mantle is big enough to hold it all. Just know that there are options.

 3. It’s a better way to watch TV

If it’s a rec or entertainment room, people helping themselves to a drink or playing at the pool table will be able to see the TV from pretty much everywhere. The key question is, are you enjoying your TV while standing up most of the time? If the answer is yes, then putting it on top of the fireplace is an easy decision to make. And if not, you may be placing it too high to make watching it convenient and enjoyable but there are still options.

4. It puts your TV out of the harm’s way

That last, and, potentially, the most important reason, is that now both your TV and the cables will be away from the reach of pets and children (however grown up those children are). Of course, you don’t want your TV to be meddled with, or worse, broken. Even more importantly, you don’t want anyone to hurt themselves.


With this four reasons out of the way, let’s look at…

Three Things to Consider Before You Wall-Mount a TV Over the Fireplace

1. Your TV Warranty

If your TV is new and carries a balance of manufacturer’s warranty, please review the conditions of that warranty. There may be provisions for installing your TV near a heat source like a fireplace. These are less common these days as installing TVs on top of fireplaces is such a common thing to do now. However, it doesn’t hurt to read their little booklet to make sure you won’t lose the warranty.

2. You’re Making Your TV’s “Life” Harder

A TV is designed to operate within a certain temperature range, when the air around it is not too cold and not too hot. However, it’s not as much the heat that is the problem. It’s the swings of temperature that may cause your electronics to malfunction and give up prematurely.

If it’s an older wood-burning fireplace, it produces tiny particles of ash that that get inside the plastic shell of the TV set and form a layer of sediment on and around HDMI posts and interface connectors. When the temperature changes, excessive moisture in the air condensates on your electronics, and that ash acts as a conductor for electrical charge. You may experience all kinds of bad things from signal distortion to having your TV “fry” when you turn it on.

That said, the new TV sets are somewhat less susceptible to these issues than the older TVs were.  And all the good things we discussed above may still outweigh the possible negatives for you.

3. Viewing Comfort (or Lack of It)

Installing the TV on the wall above the fireplace, you may be placing it too high for someone to watch it comfortably from a sofa or a chair without straining their neck. Sometimes it is better to mount the TV on the wall next to the fireplace at a proper height, if the room layout and design agree with that. In other cases, you can consider using a pull-down wall mount. It’s a most expensive option there is, however, that’ll give you the ultimate flexibility with how and from where you watch your TV.


Our TV installation consultants will be happy to review your room layout, the type and the structure of the fireplace, and provide you with a plan that addresses some or all of these issues. Call us today for a free TV installation consultation at (647) 360-2300.

Wall Mount TV Installation: Avoiding Pitfalls

According to various statistical sources, an average person in North America watches as much as 28 hours of TV every week. Over 65% of families own three or more TV sets. In our lives, we will have spent 9 years in front of our TV.

It’s clear that television has become an important and integral part of our lives. That’s how we learn about what’s going on locally and in the world, check the weather forecast, and catch a recently released movie.

Even though TV has become a big part of our day, your TV set does not have to take up a lot of room in our house. Major leaps in technology in recent years have given us LED TV sets that are much thinner and lighter compared to LCD and Plasma TV sets that seemed so advanced just so recetly… That is, compared to the old CRT-based TV sets that have been around since the beginning of television.

Old TVs required complex and heavy-duty cabinets that took up a lot of space. Now more and more families realize they can have a much better viewing experience when the TV is mounted on the wall. It saves space and makes it possible to get rid of largely useless and bulky pieces of furniture. It makes the entire space look more modern and sharp too. Is it any wonder so many people consider wall mount TV installation?

There are a number of wall mounts available on the market, some that allow you to put the TV up flat against the wall, and some that allow you to adjust the vertical and / or horizontal angle. In some cases, mostly in commercial settings, a TV needs to be suspended from the ceiling.

Wall mount TV installation can be quite a tricky process and requires a fair amount of planning. Even when it comes to a relatively simple studs-and-drywall scenario, you still need to the right tools to mount a TV set properly. You need to know how to find the studs, where to cut the holes for the wires, how many cords and cables and of what type to run, where to set up power outlets — make a mistake there and it’ll sure cost you a lot fo time and money. Fishing the wires can be tricky process too if you don’t have the right tools or have never done this before.

If you are installing a new TV in an area where TV cable hasn’t been roughed in, the task become a lot mroe complex. Now you may need to run the cable through several walls, floors, ceilings, and possibly the attic. And you want to do it in a way that is no going to require you ro re-drywall and re-paint half of your house.

An expert can take a look at the layout and provide you with suggestions. Someone who has been in the TV installation business for a long time and has dealt with a great variety of complex situations, can suggest how to accomplish what you need in the best way possible and how to avoid common pitfalls. TV Installation Experts offers free over-the-phone consultation at (647) 694-2201.