4K TVs are gaining acceptance across the world

Earlier this year many analysts didn’t think it was likely that 4K TVs would be entering the mass consumer’s homes any time soon. There was an interesting article in http://tech2.in.com by Jamshed Avari, Deputy Editor of the CHIP Magazine. Jamshed made a case that even though the 4K TVs are impressive, the video technology is not advanced enough to allow the happy owner of this new TV enjoy watching movies on it, even if the price is no object. You can read more here.

Credit:  http://tech2.in.com. CES 2013 attendees gather around Samsung's 4K TV display

Credit: http://tech2.in.com. CES 2013 attendees gather around Samsung’s 4K TV display

However according to http://gulfnews.com and their reporter Naushad K Cherrayil, 4K TVs are gaining popularity across the world.
as Taiwanese suppliers are reducing the panel prices and Chinese brands are offering low-priced 4K TVs. “We are seeing shift towards 4K TV acceptance this year. Some of the brands have reduced the prices of 4K TVs in the second half.”, reporter says.
There is still no real 4K content to speak of for 4K TVs, however it is expected to grow next year.

4K TVs are enormous in size and the prices are too high for an average consumer. 2-3 year down the road the disposition will change, as the technology advances and the prices go down making this product more affordable. What would that mean for the TV installation industry? We shall see.

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